"We Want Moor 2" by 'Psychogen' Captures The Hearts Of Young Pan-Africans

Psychogen - We Want Moor 2.JPG

"We Want Moor 2" is a socially-conscious song by African-American Hip-Hop Artist and Diaspora Ambassador for MUSIC UNITES AFRICA, Psychogen. The vision of this song is to showcase the hardships Black-Africans have faced and continue to face all over the world for many years coming. Shedding light on the still-ongoing modern-day slavery, Neo-colonization, systematic racism, and the dehumanization of our vastly dynamic cultural heritages. These traumatic occurrences have led to the cancer that is the division of Africans, stolen culture, and loss of identity for many throughout the Diaspora. Psychogen gained the inspiration to create this song after a deep conversation with a close friend of his about the history of black people around the world. Although the conversation was a lot to take in, Psychogen believes that it is necessary to discuss this unspoken truth, especially amongst our misinformed youths. The conversation didn’t stop there! Psychogen decided to express his feelings in a song. This led to the creation of this socially conscious breathtaking song titled "We Want Moor 2".

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