Music Marketing Tip: Growth Training For Musicians, Bands & Producers by WeSpin

Dear Pan-African Music Artiste, Your music has to be great, but sitting and waiting until someone discovers your brilliance is not a viable plan. Your music won’t sell itself. You need to put hard work into your career, and you need to be a part of a community of like-minded musicians and professionals to inspire you and keep you on track. By joining WeSpin, you will receive a weekly email with very specific and simple growth hacking assignments, exclusive lessons, and worksheets.

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST IN FULL at In this special WeSpin Recipes podcast episode, recorded in Berlin, Andrew Apanov is joined by the Dotted Music's COO Frederic Sahyouni and CMO Cory Wolff to reveal their new community platform called WeSpin Tech: Listen to the conversation to learn more about the Dotted Music crew, what we do at our music marketing agency and the WeSpin growth training platform, and what kind of startups you will be able to find at WeSpin Tech ("the Product Hunt for music apps").

WeSpin is simple, actionable, and applicable to all stages of your growing career.
— Andrew Apanov, Founder of music marketing agency "Dotted Music" and

Aside for sending you weekly assignments, you will also have access to a large database of video lessons covering different topics such as Branding, Social Media, and Touring, all catered to help grow your career. You can watch and learn from these video lessons at your own pace and around your own schedule.

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