World Premier!!! Zizzy - "Fast Lane" (Official Music Video)

Soul-searching and refreshing, "Fast Lane" by Afro-Fusionist and Pan-African music artiste, Zizzy warms the heart with this sincere premier music video composed to uplift humanity. Speaking to a young generation currently living in fast lanes, Zizzy connects to her listener's emotions with a well coordinated semi-acoustic melodious tune which captivates and serenades one's soul hypnotically. In "Fast Lane", Zizzy talks about living a wild life filled with a care-free attitude and how destructive such a life can be. She uses her personal experiences to draw-in her listeners with a heartfelt performance. Soulful-Melodic-Beautiful are but a few words that best describe this stunning artiste and her music. Enjoy this inspiring music video by Zizzy.

Zizzy (real name: Vanessa Obiakor) is a mind-blowing singer/songwriter from Nigeria who also happens to be half Asian. Her global appeal which radiates strongly in her music, lifestyle and fashion are breathtaking, inspiring and beautiful. Zizzy’s sounds cut across various genres of music. Her ability to fuse varying genres of music together is ingenious. Zizzy is a world-star! Her interpretation of music is soulful, heartfelt and connects deeply with both the younger and slightly older generations of music listeners who over the years have come to appreciate African music, art and culture. Zizzy is the epitome of an empowered African woman. She is the Global Ambassador of Music Unites Africa (a global MOVEMENT of Young Pan-African Leaders with similarly unique visions of Uniting Africans Worldwide through Music) and a role model to young African girls and youth across Africa. Her ability to unite peoples of all tribes, races, gender and social-standings with her music is what makes this great rising talent such a remarkable prospect moving forward with the progression and globalization of Pan-African music. Zizzy is a gush of wind and a breath of fresh air in a stale and polluted music industry. Her refusal to follow the crowd has earned her great respect among music moguls here in Africa and across the global music community.


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In Loving Memory of Joey Ducane.


Video Credit:-

Director: Stephen Ologeh
Director of Photography: Tester
Stylist & Make-up: Annabelle EjemEllie-Wan
Song Producer(s): King 'SizzlePro' Makan, Vanessa Obiakor
Songwriter(s): Vanessa Obiakor
Copyright: Zizzy© 
Publisher: Music Unites Africa






Lyrics (Fast Lane):

 Taste the Feeling and Share a  Coke  with  Music Unites Africa

Taste the Feeling and Share a Coke with Music Unites Africa