YALI Voices Podcast: Conversation with Founder of Startup Incubator Gambia, Alieu Jallow

 Photo: Alieu Jallow

Photo: Alieu Jallow

We want to mitigate this by providing them with office space, co- working space, so that they can reduce their rent cost rate. And we also provide them with advisory services, with the mentorship and networking and stuff that we do.
— Alieu Jallow

Alieu Jallow (founder of The Gambia’s first business incubation center, Startup Incubator Gambia) is an entrepreneur and trainer of young entrepreneurs in sectors ranging from agriculture to fashion to renewable energy. He’s also a mentor to young professionals through the Young Entrepreneurs Association. Alieu learned the principles of entrepreneurship at an early age. As one of 25 children in his extended family, he helped his mother work to make ends meet. Hear how those early lessons made him the businessman he is today. In Alieu's podcast conversation with Macon Phillips, Coordinator - Bureau of International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State, Jallow explains why most startup businesses fail within the first five years of operation.

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