#YALIVoices Podcast Episode 3:- The Price of 'Free & Fair' Elections in Africa?

   Fatu   Ogwuche

Fatu Ogwuche

Fatu Ogwuche is an elections and technology consultant in Nigeria and a 2015 Mandela Washington Fellow who is dedicating her career to support open, free and fair elections across Africa. Her innovative approach towards reporting election irregularities in real time to electoral commissions through her mobile app and social media ingenuity is an inspiring tale of a young Pan-African woman leader eager to reshape her country and her continent positively. Speaking with Macon Phillips - Coordinator, International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State on the 3rd episode of #YALIVoices, Fatu talks about her humble journey in discovering her passion to help facilitate free and fair electoral processes in Nigeria and across Africa. Fatu is an inspiring young African leader and we hope her story motivates and encourages you to become the change you so desire for your communities and countries.

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